A Toast to Feelin' Toasty

A Toast to Feelin' Toasty

So you raised a glass to the new year, but want to keep the bubbly flowin’ for just a little bit longer. We don’t blame you, and are actually one step ahead of you. Below you’ll find a few of our sparkling favorites for any occasion 2017 sends your way. They’ll keep you classy while also keeping your budget in check.

Who doesn’t want to salut to that?



la marca prosecco, $14

For your morning mimosa, enter: La Marca. Made with Italian glera grapes, these bubbles are crisp and clean with the slightest of sweet finishes. Try it alone, or use it to dress up some pomelo juice. (Bonus: They also come in fun-size!)
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This award-winning brut is truly a steal. We love how balanced it tastes with notes of stone fruit, red apple and vanilla, but without being overly syrupy. Keep this on hand for when you need that perfect pick-me-up, from unexpected house guests to unwarranted bad days.

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If on Wednesdays you drink pink, then let it be this bubbly pink moscato. Whether it’s a bridal shower, Monday night rose ceremony, or a last minute gift for a friend’s 21st, say it sweetly with a bottle of this stuff. You -- and it -- won’t disappoint. 

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For something on the drier side, select this Spanish sparkler. Simple and balanced with floral and mineral notes, this is a great choice for a happy hour at home or for pleasing mixed groups with a range of palates. (Or even for popping open while you’re paying the bills. We won’t tell.)

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Agnès and René Mosse, Moussamoussettes, $23

This is the one to sip while counting down the days to spring. A rosé pét-nat from the Loire Valley, it’s made with Grolleau Gris and Gamay grapes that provide surprising body without being overly sweet. Its minerality lifts its dryness, making it an excellent pairing with some strong fromage and a sunset view. 

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Simple and put-together. If you’re judging a bottle by its label, then this sparkling rosé is great way to go. Biodynamic producer Raventos i Blanc has grown grapes since 1496, affording it an effortless grandeur that’s tasted in every glass. It’s also long been considered one of the best examples of cava, so offer a pour during book club. You know, for research.

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Orange is the only champagne. (Or so we’d like to think.) Spot Veuve Clicquot’s classic orange label and you know you’ve spot a good one; this demi-sec is no different. Medium-bodied, it’s higher on the sweet scale than others, but remains superbly crisp, light and refreshing.

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